Area of expertise

The law firm MODESTE DAGBO counsels, assists and represents corporations, financial institutions, pension fund advisers and private investors in the full range of legal matters raised in the course of their commercial and financial transactions in France.

The firm is particularly active in dealing with issues regarding Real Estate Law, Business and Corporate Law, Public Law and Intellectual Property, Technology & Media Law.

  • Real Estate Law

- Commercial and office lease

- Residential constructions and mix-use developpements

- Tenant-owner and co-op litigation

- Property acquisition and sale

- Assets audit

  • Business & Corporate Law

- Private equity

- Acquisitions and dispositions

- General corporate law

  • Public Law

- Corporate and non-corporate immigration

- Building permits, codes and other administrative litigations

- Urbanization conventions and other regulations

- Environmental and economic sustainability policies

  • Intellectual Property, Technology & Media Law

- Trademark, patent and copyright assessment and litigation

- Trade secret infringement and prosecution

- Distribution and franchise

- Freedom of the Press

- Broadcast laws